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Cuttable takes the best practices and craft of ad agencies and marketing teams, and supercharges them with automation. But we’re not just another ad factory. Our platform has learned from some of Australia’s biggest ad legends to make really exceptional, top-shelf ads — en masse. Create, repurpose, edit, approve, publish, review, repeat. All on Cuttable.

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Product API

Use data from your catalogue to instantly create ads for any product. You’ll be notified if any prices change, and automatically sent updated ads.

Creative Assistant

AI trained with your brand in mind to create entirely unique ads that could only come from you.

Brand Kits

All of your brand’s colours, fonts and logos in one place and ready to roll.

Resize for any platform

Get any asset in any aspect ratio, no interns required.

Asset library

Squeeze every last drop out of assets you already have. All your content now has a place to live — and be reborn.

Quick reflexes

Respond to change, instantly

Cut up and serve fresh content quick smart. Outpace competitors and keep up with culture — all in the time it takes to finish reading this sentence.

Instant Edits

Bring your ideas to life without even having to make a brief with instant editing and previews.

One-click publishing

Then post directly to platform - no downloading/uploading necessary.

Stay consistent

on brand

Get platform-perfect content with brand codes that aren’t diluted — meaning the same voice, look and feel wherever your customers see you.

Brand Kits

All of your brand’s colours, fonts and logos in one place and ready to roll.

Bespoke Templates

Work with our in-house (human) team to design beautiful templates for your next campaign.

Built-in best practice

Post confidently knowing your ads are on spec, whatever the platform.

Stay in the loop

Your brand dream team

The secret sauce of supercharged content production? Tightening the feedback loop.

Unlimited Users

Billing per seat gives us the ick. Invite anyone and everyone it takes to get the job done.

Two Thumbs Up

Leave feedback (or simply a fire emoji) on timestamps and directly sign off on assets.

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