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We’re a first-of-its-kind automated content agency that combines the creativity of advertising with the science of marketing and the technology of AI. We use creative automation to scale your digital ads in zero time — giving creative marketers and agencies a higher return-on-investment with the same media spend without compromising on quality. Create, repurpose, edit, approve, publish, review, repeat. All with Cuttable.

Scale up

More sales, same media budget

Produce the volume and quality of content you need to maximise your marketing performance and make more sales — without breaking the bank.

Bespoke Comms Plan

We bring your brand to life with a complete Cuttable comms plan built by our strategists and platform experts.

Product API

Use data from your catalogue to instantly create ads for any product. You’ll be notified if any prices change, and automatically sent updated ads.

Bulk export

Export 100+ ad variations with a single click, and maximise your Meta, YouTube, TikTok, and Display paid media.

Built-in best practice

Post confidently knowing your ads are on spec, whatever the platform.

Produce what’s never been possible

Unlock new production powers

Slice up to 68% off ad production costs and reinvest it in media spend (or spend the extra cash on a staff trip to Hawaii).

Instant Edits

Bring your ideas to life without even having to make a brief with instant editing and previews.

Auto-resize for
any platform.

Get any asset in any aspect ratio with the click of a button.

Easy workflow integration

We prefer to work directly with marketing teams but easily integrate into your agency workflow.

Asset library

Squeeze every last drop out of assets you already have. All your content now has a place to live — and be reborn.

Stay consistent

on brand

Get platform-perfect content with brand codes that aren’t diluted — meaning the same voice, look and feel wherever your customers see you.

Brand Kits

All of your brand’s colours, fonts and logos in one place and ready to roll.

Bespoke Templates

Work with our in-house (human) team to design beautiful templates for your next campaign.

Creative Assistant

AI trained with your brand in mind to create entirely unique ads that could only come from you.

Expert knowledge

What’s ours
is yours

Behind the Cuttable platform is a tight-knit group of Australia’s best advertising, marketing, and technology experts, who are now part of your team.

Left brainers

Learn from our AI and automation specialists who are at the bleeding edge of their field, pairing the newest tech with classic creativity.

Creative minds

Get direct access to our award-winning team of creatives who will sharpen your brand’s online presence and scale it unimaginably with AI.

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